Tim Debroyer winner of the first Vernède Thesis Prize!

Every years, the Stichting Zuster Vernède provides grants to activities and projects that focus on the history of nursing and caregiving and  the Vernède Thesis Prize is awarded every two years to a student who has written the best bachelor or master thesis. This can be either in the Netherlands or in Flanders. The winner of the 2022 Prize  was … Read More

LEIDEN …… I like you!

  It has only been a few days since the end of the conference and we are already feeling nostalgic about the wonderful meetings we had. The conference Suicide and its Prevention: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives in Nursing, 1880–2020 was organised on behalf of the European Association for the History of Nursing (EAHN),with the participation of our president and vice-president and the realization of … Read More

Happy International Nurses’ Day

On 12 May we celebrate International Nurses’ Day in commemoration of the birth of Florence Nightingale, whose contributions to health and to nursing science itself have been recognised globally. This deserved recognition, which transcends spatial, temporal and nursing disciplinary boundaries, has only been possible thanks to the numerous historical investigations that have reconstructed her biography and her contribution to innovations … Read More


The Mary Seacole Trust originated as the Mary Seacole Memorial Statue Appeal, established in 2004. The charity was set up to educate the public on the life, work and achievements of Crimean War nurse Mary Seacole, including erecting a statue capturing her spirit, whilst also emphasising the importance of the nursing profession. The Mary Seacole Memorial Statue Appeal formally changed … Read More

History and history teaching have been a focus for the Council of Europe’s work

Early programmes of international co-operation at the Council of Europe focused on the promotion of the European heritage of cultural and linguistic diversity. History and history teaching were given prominence in the Council’s work on education because of their importance in establishing mutual understanding and confidence amongst the peoples of Europe. A first step was to encourage fairness and honesty … Read More

DEADLINE APPROACHING: Last call for the EAHN Conference in Leiden

Suicide and its prevention: Contemporary and historical perspectives in nursing, 1880–2020 May 19–21, 2022 National Museum Boerhaave 10, Lange St. Agnietenstraat 2312 WC Leiden +31 71 – 751 99 99 The Conference This pan-European conference will examine contemporary and historical perspectives on suicide and its prevention. The two-day Conference will be limited to a maximum of 75 participants. This is … Read More

Call for Abstracts European Nursing Congress 4 – 7 October 2022

Despite the obvious impact of effective nursing, during the pandemic the ‘hero narrative’ has prevailed. All over Europe and throughout the world, millions of nurses are impacting the lives and outcomes of people. European Nursing Congress ENC22 wants to contribute to future proofing of nursing organizing a virtual event, combined with local physical hubs. ENC22 welcomes attendees from all over … Read More

Teaching healthcare history in the curriculum

By Gerard Fealy Elsewhere, I have differentiated the terms ‘nursing history’ and ‘the history of nursing’ (Fealy 2008). Like labour history, women’s history, or military history, the former term refers to a field of study within the discipline of history, while the latter refers to the past of nursing, and may include the history of the writing of nursing history. … Read More

Call for PEACE

As researchers in the field of nursing history, we know the devastating impact of war on nurses. We therefor call for peace in Ukraine and demand that nurses are enabled to work professionally and safely. Click here to read the following article: ICN says protection and safety of nurses and  all health workers in Ukraine is paramount  

A global picture in Italian nursing historiography

The study of the history of the nursing profession in Italy has seen, over the decades of the last century, the development of interesting works of analysis and research, numerous in quantity and diversified in the various analytical strands considered. A global picture that has been taken into consideration by Giordano Cotichelli’s book: “Storiografia della Professione infermieristica in Italia (1945 … Read More