Purpose and Aims

The purpose of the Association is to provide a European focus for the development of the discipline of Nursing History. It has three aims:

Supporting scholarly work in Nursing History by:

  1. Creating a network of individuals working in the field.
  2. Creating opportunities for collaboration on research projects.

Promoting understanding of Nursing History.

Gaining recognition for the discipline of Nursing History throughout the European region by:

  1. Linking with key disciplines, such as Nursing, History and Medical History.
  2. Organising events, including international conferences.
  3. Supporting outreach initiatives such as museums, popular events and publications. Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.


The Association has a federal structure. Constituent member associations are autonomous and self-governing. A constituent association may be administered through an academic centre, a scholarly society or an interest group. Each constituent association will be eligible to send at least one member to the European Coordinating Committee Meetings.


The membership comprises individuals who are members of a constituent association. The membership is intended to be inclusive. Members may be nurses or non-nurses, and might or might not hold an appointment in a recognised academic institution. An individual from any part of the world may join any of the constituent associations, and thereby become a member of the EAHN.

Scholarly Activities

The EAHN provides a means for networking and collaboration between constituent associations. The language in which activities are conducted is English. Each constituent association provides a medium for the dissemination of news and information, and for the exchange of scholarly ideas. This is normally a bulletin or newsletter, but each association is free to provide outreach through other media.
Constituent associations cooperate in the organisation of scholarly meetings (such as seminars, workshops and conferences).
The Coordinating Committee collates news and information about its constituent associations into a central bulletin, and supports constituent associations in holding conferences and other events.

Conduct of business

The Association conducts its business through electronic communications and a face to face meeting of the Coordinating Committee at least once per year. The Coordinating Committee maintains a record of meetings.