Without memory… there is no history!

Awaiting the editorial release of the third volume, scheduled for spring 2023, Gerardo di Giammaria continues his work of popularizing the health history of Frosinone, an Italian city in the Lazio region.

With his first volume on the history of the hospital of Frosinone, winner of the 2018 Fiuggi Storia Lazio Meridionale Prize, Gerardo had traced, with rigorous documentation, the professional career of Dr Arnaldo Angelini at the Umberto I hospital. In the second volume, the author deals with the city’s health history between the two wars, drawing on numerous unpublished archive sources.

These books came about as a result of two photographic exhibitions held on the history of Frosinone’s Umberto I Hospital: one in 2008, with photos and documents dating from the end of the 19th century to 1963; another, held on the occasion of the inauguration of the new ‘Fabrizio Spaziani’ hospital.
But the greatest impulse that inspired the author came from the desire to know and make known the roots of a profession, that of professional nurse, which Gerardo himself practiced for forty years at the same hospital that he studied and documented.

While waiting to read the sequel, we thank the author for this glimpse of exquisitely Italian micro-history.