Društvo za povijest sestrinstva “2013. – 2021.”

A new book from the Society for Nursing History of the Croatian Nurses Association (CNA) The book describes the eight-year work of the Society for the history of nursing in Croatia by Sanda Franković. https://hums.hr/obavijest-o-izdavanju-knjige-drustvo-za-povijest-sestrinstva-2013-2021/?fbclid=IwAR2KmHAUFdGpcih3wqD_kWYbO9dmu_Sd2z9AORmQt2JC_WbIXcnu1YswcTY  

New publication on the history of nursing and midwifery in poor-law unions in southern Ireland

Published as one of six volumes under the Maynooth University Studies in Local History, Nursing and Midwifery in the poor-law unions of Borrisokane and Nenagh, 1882–1922 (Four Courts Press, 2022)https://www.fourcourtspress.ie/books/2022/nursing-and-midwifery-in-the-poor-law-unions-of-borrisokane-and-nenagh18821922/ examines the development of nursing and midwifery services in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century poor-law union services in County Tipperary. The author Lisa McGeeney documents how nurses in two … Read More

Articles from the Society for Nursing History of the Croatian Nurses Association (CNA)

  Abou Aldan D, Franković S. AN OPPORTUNITY LOST IN TIME – THE FIRST GENERATION OF STUDENTS AT THE COLLEGE OF NURSING: SCHOOL OF MEDICINE IN ZAGREB, 1953/1954   Acta Med Hist Adriat 2022; 20(1); 83-99 https://doi.org/10.31952/amha.20.1.4 The aim of this paper is to present the course of the transformation of the Nursing high school into the College of Nursing and its accession … Read More

Nursing and Politics in the Mirror of Time

A book from The Historical Nursing Research Section of the German Society for Nursing Science. “The conference proceedings of the 5th workshop of the Section Historical Nursing Research in Berlin 2019 were published in September. Edited by Katharina Genz, Anja Katharina Peters and Andrea Thiekötter, the book “Pflege und Politik im Spiegel der Zeit” [Nursing and Politics in the Mirror … Read More


A new book from the Portuguese Society for the History of Nursing (www.SPHENF.com) “By commemorating the anniversary, the opportunity and the pretext was created to highlight reflective profiles and autobiographies as first-person testimonies, based on the assumption that history can be recorded from the account of significant individual experiences which, from a collective perspective, express processus and stages that are … Read More