Divulgando la Historia de la Salud “desde abajo”

Disseminating the History of Health “from below” means abandoning the perspective of the leaders (queens and kings, popes, heads of state or government, social and military elites…) and knowing how to listen, attentively and patiently, to what our most recent ancestors have to tell us. On his new website https://desafiarelpasodeltiempo.com/, Xavier Garcia Ferrandis, a doctor, university lecturer and historian of … Read More

CfP German Society for Nursing Science Nursing Science Conference, Dresden

The Historical Nursing Research Section (HPF) of the German Society for Nursing Science Nursing Science e. V. (DGP) is organizing a conference together with the DRK Landesverband Saxony on 16 November 2024 in Dresden on the occasion of the Marie-Simon Year (1824 – 1877). The section invites all members of the DGP and other interested parties to attend and to … Read More

Happy Holidays!

Dear colleagues, Just before Christmas, here is the EAHN Bulletin 13/2023! Wishing everyone happy holidays and a happy new year 2024!

CfP Conference for Collections 2024 in Zurich

The 15th Annual Conference for University Collections 2024 in Zurich will be held jointly by ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich and the Society for University Collections e.V. (GfU) from 13–15 June 2024. Under the title New roles, new goals? Interplay of University collections between research, finance and politics, the conference aims to show how, in a rapidly changing world, university … Read More

2023 Nursing History Symposium event on November 21st

Panel presenters and members of the respective Canadian and European Associations of the History of Nursing will present and examine a series of photographs representing key events in the history of nursing from various perspectives, time periods and national and international contexts. The panel will show how photographs can provide insight into nursing’s past that may not necessarily be captured … Read More

Update on research grants from American Association for the History of Nursing in 2024

The American Association for the History of Nursing’s (AAHN) Research Grant Review Committee wanted to update the members of the European Association for the History of Nursing on the recent changes in AAHN research grants available in 2024. AAHN believes it is important to reach out to international colleagues to encourage them and their students to consider applying for these … Read More

Solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attacks in Israel

The European Association for the History of Nursing made up of nurses from 19 European Associations stands in solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attacks in Israel. Nurses care for all patients equally, without distinction of origin or other considerations, and must be able to carry out their work safely, in an environment protected from violence, in accordance with … Read More

First ever Dutch professor in nursing history !

Manon Parry has been appointed professor in Medical and Nursing history at the Free University in Amsterdam. This is the first-ever professorship in the history of nursing in the Netherlands. A great milestone for which we’ve worked very hard to achieve. Congratulations and best wishes for this next adventure! Verpleegkundigen & Verzorgenden Nederland