The history we are writing – A step forward for a new beginning. 7th Congress Association of Nursing Technicians of the Clinical Center of Serbia. Belgrade, September 20-23, 2023.

It’s a pleasure to announce our Serbian colleagues’ 7th Congress. Here is the invitation:

Dear colleagues,

We are starting preparations for the 7th Congress with international participation that will be held in Belgrade, 21-23 September 2023. The theme of the congress is HISTORY OF NURSING OF THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA (history through practice, work of professional organizations, education, heroines of our time)

We hold the Congress every fourth year, traditionally always in Belgrade and in September, when the Association was founded. This year we will celebrate 20 years of the Association’s work.
We invite you to write about:
• the history of the institution where you work,
• history of your association,
• how the nurses were educated in Serbia,
• to the nurses who you consider to be the heroines of our time, and perhaps we missed writing about them and publishing them in the “Nursing” magazine.
It would be nice if we could organize an exhibition of posters that you would make with the head nurses of your institution, department, with their photos and a short biography. In this way, the Association, collecting all the material from the Congress, will record all those names and they will not be forgotten. You will then place your poster in your institution where everyone can read, see and know who, when and what worked in your institution.
In addition, we will gather nurses who write poetry. We know about many, but little is heard about their talent. You let us know about them!

The history we are writing – A step forward for a new beginning is the new motto of the Congress. We wanted you to write about your experiences in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic, because it is already history that needs to be recorded.

Organizing Committee of the Congress