Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,

I know that in all European countries at the moment, we are making our best to get out of this health emergency.

In the years to come it will be important to remember what happened, and as historians we will be called on to be those who preserve and study what really happened, in the hope that this will help future generations to improve every day.

We know that humanity has emerged from deeper darkness, but despite the sacrifices to which all will be called to make, we will have a great renaissance if we return to build, day after day and all together, a culture of memory and science.

Through our studies we will be able to analyze the results of the generous gestures of solidarity and exchanges of knowledge among the various communities but even the consequences of the illogical prejudices that we still have today.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, stronger than before. On behalf of Maria Eugenia Galiana, all the EAHN Committee and myself, we will wish our best and warmest wishes. Stay safe.

Anna La Torre, President EAHN