“The task of the doctors and nurses was so tiring that I, at least, was almost indifferent and unconscious to the events that were taking place outside, since an ever-increasing tiredness actuated every other faculty in me that was not aimed at the fulfilment of my duty.” Lucia, 1918

“… my memories of the past months are traumatic, and … will follow me for the rest of my life. I have seen patients deteriorate rapidly and held their hand as they passed; I have seen people suffer until their end and I have cared for people who have no friends or family, thus we are their only companions.” Kelly, 2020

At all times and in all places, nurses are always on the side of the sufferers and the needy. The emergency of Covid 19 has proved and confirmed this. The best wish is to treasure these experiences and that the voices of the nurses are not forgotten.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, stronger than before. On behalf of Maria Eugenia Galiana, all the EAHN Committee and myself, with our best and warmest wishes. Stay safe.

Anna La Torre, President EAHN